Tim McKenna

Created in 1989, based In Tahiti since 2002. Our team specialized in water-based productions, but have extensive experience in Fashion/Print shoot productions from our photography background. We are the ideal fixers/producers for smaller type crew wanting to produce TV commercials, documentaries, catalogues, advertising campaigns TV or prints, water-based feature film segments or stock footage, HD or film.


Photography- Scouting- Production coordination, Water/Underwater/Aerial Coordination. We have a fully qualified, comprehensive crew, fluent in English. Specialized camera operators for above water, underwater, land or aerial photography.

  • A world-renowned photographer who has extensive knowledge in Aerial, Underwater and Sports Photography.
  • Specialized camera operators for above water, underwater, land or aerial photography.
  • Experienced and specialized Jet Ski, boat, underwater scooter and helicopter pilots to help you get the shot that will make the difference.
  • World-class water sports stuntmen with experience in P.O.V. cameras: surfers, kite boarders, windsurfers, free divers, outrigger canoeists, etc.
  • World-class casting directors, make-up artists and stylists.
  • Experienced marine coordinators, production assistants, guides and interpreters.


We have all the latest technology:Panasonic P2 HD cameras with water-housings, POV set-ups and cameras.

  • Nikon DSLR cameras 24 mega pixel camera bodies and all Nikkor lenses.
  • Kenron Gyro stabilizer for steady boat and aerial photography.
  • Apple Mactintosh Macbook Pro and Desktop computers, Lacie and Drobo storage.
  • Sunbounce reflectors and diffusors.
  • Hensel portable studio generators with remotes, reflectors, diffusers and lighting for outdoor fashion shoots or action shoots with a twist.
  • Honda Generator EU 2000i
  • Waterproof Marine Walky talkies
  • Step Dwon converters 220V to 110V


References / Clients

2011-Victoria Secret-Catalogue & Video-WORLD-Production coordination-Scouting
2011-Nationnal Geography- Documentary-WORLD-Production coordination-Photography
2011-Visa-TV Commercial-USA- Production coordination-Scouting-Set Photography
2011- Tahiti and Her Islands Board of Tourism- Print Campaign & Video-EU-Production coordination –Photography
2011-NIKKOR-Print campaign-WORLD- Production coordination-Photography
2010-Herbal Essences- Q&R-TV Commercial-EU- Production coordination-Scouting-Photography
2010-Miss Kulani Yacht- Catalogue-WORLD- Production coordination-Photography
2010-Tahiti and Her Islands Board of Tourism- Print Campaign & Video-EU-Production coordination –Photography
2009-Relentless-Documentary-UK- Production coordination-Photography
2009-Hinano Clothing-Catalogue-US- Production coordination-Photography
2008-Colgate-Young&Rubicam-Commercial-US- Production coordination-Set Photography
2007-Red Bull Immersive-Documentary-US- Production coordination-Photography
2007-ROXY-Catalogue- WORLD-Production coordination-Photography
2006-Cutback-Trailer-Film Cinema-US- Production coordination-Scouting- Set Photography
2006-Pacific Life Insurance-Commercial-US-Production coordination-Scouting
2005-EuroSport/Planete-Last Frontier Explorer-Documentary-France- Production coordination-Scouting
2003-Blue Horizon-Film Cinema- Production coordination-Scouting- Set Photography
2002-To’-Film Cinema- Production coordination-Scouting- Set Photography
2002-Step Into the Liquid-Film Cinema- Production coordination
2001-UltraSport-Le Voyage Magique-Documentary-France- Production coordination
2001-The Millennium Wave-Documentary- Production coordination-Photography
2002-Mission Tahiti-Red Bull-Documentary-AUS- Production coordination
1996-Green Day-Eurosport-Film 26mm-FR- Production coordination


Tim McKenna – TMK productions
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Vonage: 1 626 638 3205
Email: tim@tim-mckenna.com, sales@tim-mckenna.com
Web Site: http://www.timmckennaphoto.com/us/
Skype :timmckenna

Tahiti Business Licence N° Tahiti 671024 (NAF code S 14 et P13)
Address: BP 380617 Tamanu , Punaauia, 98718 Tahiti